Psychopaths Rule the World

June 15, 2021|
Psychopaths Rule the World by Mima


There are few things that Jorge Hernandez thrives on more than being in the spotlight. Whether it’s his revealing docuseries, Eat the Rich Before the Rich Eat You, his short stint in politics, or his occasional live stream interviews, Jorge thrives on public admiration despite his insistence that fame is silly. However, his wife Paige has concerns that his need to be the center of attention might one day shine a light into some very dark corners. When rumors that a tell-all book about the former cartel leader and his ruthless ways start to surface, Jorge is livid. On a mission to find the author that plans to expose him as a bloodthirsty vigilante who uses intimidation and corruption to rule his empire, he encounters numerous roadblocks in his race to stop the book from going to press. How underground must you go to get away from Jorge Hernandez and his rage? Will a counter book telling a fictional account of his life help to alleviate the problem? In the tenth book in the Hernandez series, Jorge fears he could drown under the potential media glare. But could a shark like him ever sink, especially when psychopaths rule the world?

Title:Psychopaths Rule the World
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:June 15, 2021
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781663223982

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