The Story of My Mother Dear Revised: A Tribute to all Mothers

March 14, 2014|
The Story of My Mother Dear Revised: A Tribute to all Mothers


The inspiration to write The Story of My Mother Dear develop sometime in mid October 2009 while standing on my grandmother Ophelia’s porch in North Little Rock, Arkansas. This book actually represents a circle of life to me centered on my service in the military. Because when I enlisted my first four years in the military, my father and grandfather died within a number of days apart. However, my two grandmothers died within hours apart after my last eight years in the military. You see I didn’t know then what I know now and that is God chases the ones that He loves. In reading this book I want you to understand that God loves you and He has spent century’s designing you and equipping you to reign with Him forever. He would rather warn you before destroying you and given up HIS BELOVED. I was devastated at this moment of my humanity because I had just lost two of the most important women in my life in less than a few hours apart. The fall season was settling in as I thought about all the things I wish I had done. My Mother Dear Marie was always looking out for me, no matter what wrongs I was accused of I was still her baby, and even her husband’s name was given to me. After my dad had got sick we stop coming around the family as much as we used to my sister and me. I would visit whenever I was in town and try to at least spend the night on her sofa or talk with her over the phone. So I was very reluctant when hearing the news of her passing. I had just visited her in the hospital and pedicure her feet. I would’ve never thought that she would leave me but she must have gone into shock when she heard about my other granny. Ophelia was sweeter than pumpkin pie and if you don’t believe me, ask other people that knew her. They would agree with me and even tell you why. Her prayers are why I am here today with the mental state of mind to write each line and passage without cracking up like glass and cheap china. The Lord gave her as a present, eternal life in Heaven on her birthday, and HE gave Marie Drone that same thing. The spirits of Marie Drone and Ophelia Johnson come to life by the seeds of love that they each planted in the heart and mind of their grandson Isaiah Drone III. In this book their spirits are awaken to tell their individual stories. The Story of My Mother Dear will draw the reader and the listener into the mind of women of old that refuse to let circumstances dictate their outcome. There is something extremely joyful about this book and hopefully it will touch the mind and heart of someone like it touched me. This was my first book so I experienced many obstacles and transitions. Now I have to be truthful with you and the truth is that I have cried tremendously throughout this book. My tears have been by the puddles. My cries have been extremely loud, not for me or my family and our experiences but for the pain of this lady. I saw her one-day outside in the cold pushing a shopping cart. As I begin to write, I could see this strange woman walking the streets and I felt that she never even knew who her mama was. She has been alone her whole life and if you’re reading this book now. I guarantee it will change your very life. Let’s interject something to you sweetie, God loves you, and whatever you have done or been through HE forgives you. So hold your head high and look to the sky and I promise you it’s going to be all right. I feel HIM covering you right now from the top of your head like warm molasses down, down your back and your spine and down to your knees and now your toes. See! We walk by faith and not by sight, now dust your-self off. Sorry, I had to do some needed work there, now back to the book. The structure or skeleton of this book is connected by songs and love poems of Divine Inspiration expressing heartfelt situations and dilemmas that affect not only the characters in this book. But, also the lives of many people transcending over borders of ethnicity and cultural differences divested

Title:The Story of My Mother Dear Revised: A Tribute to all Mothers
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:March 14, 2014
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781483527215

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