The World's Biggest Lie: A Trial for Truth

September 16, 2020|
The World's Biggest Lie: A Trial for Truth by Andrew James McQuinn


MY CASE: The greatest investigation of all time provides the evidence that over six billion people have been lied to by religion. Previous criticisms of religion leverage narrower fields of evidence, such as its evil history, which only proves its wickedness. I will prosecute religion by calling on expert witnesses from historicity, neuroscience, microbiology, astronomy and more, providing the most comprehensive and convincing case against the greatest lie ever.

Revealed is the construction of some of the world's most influential religions, providing the who, why and how they were made, leaving no doubt that all scripture is the word of man with no divine guidance.

I explain how we discovered some of the tools in science relevant to my case, from the Cosmic Distance Ladder, Doppler, speed of light, general star chemistry, physics and life cycles to DNA, element dating and more, so the answers they provide are understood to be true and accurate, from the Big Bang forward to the real Adam or Eve. Neuroscience sheds light on religion's grip and why creationism has not been widely replaced by knowledge. The ancient innocence of creation mythology was harnessed by evil religious dogma, creating a mindset easily led into conspiracy propaganda for hidden agendas. The problems created by the believing mind cannot be understated, from pandemic denial to dangerous political choices.

Dogmatic belief is bringing our world down. Can we intercept our dangerous future?

ONLY if we understand what is TRUE and what is NOT.

Cast your verdict online, for you are the jury.

Title:The World's Biggest Lie: A Trial for Truth
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:September 16, 2020
Publisher:Tellwell Talent
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780228831327

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