You Can't Find Peace

August 1, 2022|
You Can't Find Peace by Sean Cummings


8-Track Tapes. Customized vans. Drugs. Disco. Double Cross.

Neil Collins has a dangerous past that just caught up to him. An ex-specialist, Collins did a lot of bad things for a lot of years for a lot of money. Disavowing that life, he hides in plain sight in a small mining town in the middle of the Canadian Shield. It is spring 1976. America is in its bicentennial year. Custom vans with airbrushed murals prowl the streets to the sounds of cool music on 8-track tape.

Someone is frantically banging at Collins' front door first thing in the morning and that simply doesn't happen when your former life consists of having done very bad things for people who want plausible deniability, like governments running tricks on each other. Only the person standing in front of Neil is the brother he hasn't seen in years, and he's got his family in tow. Sporting a fresh shiner, he's pale and panicking because killers are coming, and they need to leave now.

Money laundering. Illegal narcotics. Outlaw bikers and Russian assassins. Throw in an order of double cross and it's just average day for a former trigger man hiding from his past.

Title:You Can't Find Peace
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 1, 2022
Publisher:Sean Cummings
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780995844131

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