Short Stories for Women (And Some Men)

August 6, 2020|
Short Stories for Women (And Some Men)


Explore five short stories in this sweet romance collection.

This collection contains:

"Love on Willow Creek": Desperate to overcome her past, Bridget returns to her home town. But will her high school enemy crash her business and doom the second chance love that's possible?

"California Sunshine": Santa Cruz, California is the perfect place for Sunshine to hang on to her hippie, activist ways. But will clutching to her causes prevent her from finding true happiness with an old flame?

"Chasing the Tumbleweed": Captured by a killer at a lonely rest stop in windswept Nevada, Laurie keeps her wits about her as he drags her further into the wilderness. Will she be able to escape in time?

"A Christmas Hope": Clara needs Richards Handmade Cheese to complete her business's outing of artisan crafts perfect for the holidays in upstate New York. But all Sam Richards wants is for her to leave him and his sheep in peace.

"Keep Dancing": The twitching of Zoe's pinkie is probably nothing to worry about. But it's simply one more thing to add to her list of concerns: Her son is going off to college. Final grades are due. And widower Ben O'Reilly wants to teach her to dance.


"This fairly classic love story is a nice quick way to get your HEA fix." ~ Love on Willow Creek

"A delightful love story." ~ California Sunshine

"I was amazed at how much story Casey Dawes crammed into this exciting short story. The characters were likable. The situation certainly plausible. The tension ... perfect." ~ Chasing the Tumbleweed

"A fun, quick, sweet romantic escape." ~ A Christmas Hope

"Wonderfully sweet, thoughtful and intelligent romance." ~ Keep Dancing

Title:Short Stories for Women (And Some Men)
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 6, 2020
Publisher:​Mountain Vines Publishing
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781393358176

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