Star Clusters by James E. HesserStar Clusters by James E. Hesser

Star Clusters

byJames E. Hesser

Paperback | November 13, 2013

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This volume is the proceedings of the IAU Symposium "Star Clusters". It includes the invited papers, brief accounts of the contributed papers, and the associated discussion. The topics discussed at the symposium included many aspects of recent research on open clusters and globular clusters. Because cluster studies touch on so many areas of stellar, galactic and extragalactic astronomy, this volume should be of interest to a wide astronomical readership. In setting up the scientific program for this symposium, the scientific organizers were mindful of a very successful NATO Advanced Study Institute at Cambridge (UK) in August, 1978, at which recent advances in globular cluster studies were thoroughly reviewed. So the emphasis at this symposium was on open clusters and problems common to open and globular clusters. One day only was scheduled exclusively for globular clusters, and the topics chosen for that day are ones in which rapid progress is being made. We would like to mention here two aspects of this symposium which contributed significantly to the useful and relaxed discussion following the scientific contributions.
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Table of Contents

August 27 Introduction, Associations, Galactic Structure.- Star Clusters as Touchstones for Theories of Galactic Evolution - A Few Examples.- Clusters, Associations and Galactic Structure.- Recent Results on Associations: Anatomy of CMa OB1 and Mon OB1.- Abundance Variations among Young Clusters and Associations.- The Hyades Cluster Distance.- The Galactic Distance Scale: Globular Clusters.- Hyades Distance and Chemical Composition from the Competitive Use of Astrometry, Photometry, Spectroscopy, and Internal Structure Computation.- 2.3 GHz Radio Emission from Sco OB2.- Massive Stars: Evolution with Mass Loss. III. Low Metal Stars, And Wr's in SMC.- Chemical Evolution of the Galactic Disk. II. Gradients of Chemical Composition.- Open Cluster Analyses at KPNO.- Rate of Enrichment of the Galactic Disc with Metals from Data on Open Clusters.- Some Results Concerning the OB Aggregate around ETA Carinae.- The Hyades Cluster - Solar Metallicity?.- Hidden Clusters in the Southern Milky Way.- A Computer Based Catalogue of Open Cluster Data.- Galactic Rotation from Young Open Star Clusters.- The Present Data Situation for Stars in Open Clusters. II..- The Structure of h and ? Persei.- Supplement 1 to the Second Edition of the Catalogue of Star Clusters and Associations.- August 28 Open clusters.- The Dynamics of Open Clusters.- Mass and Luminosity Function of the Pleiades.- N-Body Simulations of Open Clusters.- Formation of Open Clusters.- Dynamical History of the Solar Neighbourhood.- Open Clusters and Stellar Evolution.- Open Clusters as Tests of Stellar Evolution.- Dynamical Age Determination of Open Clusters.- Distant Galactic Open Clusters.- Stars with Abnormal Spectra in Open Clusters.- A Spectroscopic and Statistical Study of Collinder 140.- Metal Abundances of Young Stellar Groups.- A New Photometric Investigation of the Young Open Cluster NGC 663.- Spectroscopic and Photometric Observations of the Southern, Intermediate-Age Clusters NGC 2477 and NGC 2660.- Spectral Morphology in the Open Cluster NGC 2287.- Polarization of Stars in the Field of NGC 3372.- Radial Velocities and Rotational Velocities of Late-Type Stars in the Coma Ber Cluster.- Comparative Study of Young Open Clusters: Age Determination and Stellar Content.- A Search for HI in Nine Southern Galactic Clusters.- Flare Stars in Evolved Clusters.- Supernovae and the Ap Phenomenon.- Anomalies in the uvby? Parameters of Young Open Clusters.- Photometry of the Lower Main Sequences of Nearby Clusters.- August 29 Open and Globular Clusters.- Binary Stars in Globular and Open Clusters.- Ages and Abundances of Globular Clusters and the Oldest Open Clusters.- The Older Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds.- LMC Clusters: Young.- Dynamics of Initial Binaries in Open Clusters.- Wide Binaries in the Pleiades.- Globular Cluster Ages and Distances.- Globular Clusters in the LMC.- The Cluster NGC 330 in the SMC: Radial Velocities of Individual Stars.- Star Density Distribution in Young and Old Globular Clusters of the Large Magellanic Cloud.- Some Color-Magnitude Diagrams and Abundances in the Magellanic Clouds.- Magellanic Cloud Halo RR Lyrae Stars: The NGC 2257 Field in the Outskirts of the LMC.- The SMC Cluster NGC 330.- Photometric Studies of the Extreme SMC Wing.- A Search for Main-Sequence Binaries in Globular Clusters.- Membership and Binarity of Red Giants in Open Clusters Determined by Photoelectric Radial Velocities.- The Binding-Energy Distribution of the Binaries in a Star Cluster.- Electronographic Photometry of Star Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds.- August 30 Globular Clusters.- Globular Cluster Systems in Galaxies.- Chemical Properties of Individual Globular Clusters.- Dynamics and Evolution of Globular Clusters.- A New Scenario for the Formation of Globular Clusters and Their Peculiarities.- The Globular Cluster NGC 6144 and ITS Neighbouring Region.- The Main Sequence of the Very Old Globular Cluster NGC 6397.- Variables in NGC 4590.- Calcium Abundance in the RR Lyrae Stars in NGC 3201 and M5.- Recent Results on the Turn-Off of ? Centauri.- Proper Motion Studies of Globular Clusters.- Accretion of Gas by Stars in Globular Clusters.- Infrared Photometry of Globular Cluster Giant Stars: Some Recent Results.- Inward Diffusion of Helium in Horizontal-Branch Stars of Globular Clusters.- Globular Cluster Luminosity Functions and Helium Abundance Differences across the Galaxy.- Spectrum Scans of Globular Clusters in M87.- Evidence for Spectral Differences among 47 Tucanae Turnoff-Region Stars.- Variable Stars in the Globular Cluster NGC 6934.- Surface Brightness Profiles of 68 Globular Clusters Derived from Electronic Camera Recordings.- Evidence for Primordial Inhomogeneities from Abundance of Giants in M5, M13, and M22.- Fundamental Temperatures and Surface Gravities for HB Stars in the Field and in Globular Clusters.- Chemical Compositions of Southern Globular Clusters: 47 Tucanae, NGC 3201, and NGC 6752.- White Dwarf Candidates in the Globular Cluster NGC 6752.- Dynamical Theory of Collisionless Relaxation.- Two Simple forms of Phase Density and Models of Star Clusters.- Axial Ratios, Orientations, and Center Coordinates of Galactic Globular Clusters.- The Integrated Photometry of Globular Clusters in the Vilnius Photometric System.- Name Index.- Object Index.