Boundary Boss: The Essential Guide To Talk True, Be Seen, And (finally) Live Free

deTerri Cole

20 avril 2021|
Boundary Boss: The Essential Guide To Talk True, Be Seen, And (finally) Live Free de Terri Cole
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Break Free From Over-Functioning, Over-Delivering, People-Pleasing, and Ignoring Your Own Needs So You Can Finally Live the Life You Deserve!

Most of us were never taught how to effectively express our preferences, desires or deal-breakers. Instead, we hide our feelings behind passive-aggressive behavior, deny our own truths, or push our emotions down until we get depressed or so frustrated that we explode, potentially destroying hard-won trust and relationships.

The most successful and satisfied people on the planet have one thing in common: the ability to create and communicate clear, healthy boundaries. This ability is, hands down, the biggest game changer when it comes to creating a healthy, happy, self-determined life.

In Boundary Boss, psychotherapist Terri Cole reveals a specific set of skills that can help you stop abandoning yourself for the sake of others (without guilt or drama) and get empowered to consciously take control of every aspect of your emotional, spiritual, physical, personal, and professional life.

Since becoming a Boundary Boss is a process, Cole also offers actionable strategies, scripts, and techniques that can be used in the moment, whenever you need them. You will learn:

. How to recognize when your boundaries have been violated and what to do next
. How your unique "Boundary Blueprint" is unconsciously driving your boundary behaviors, and strategies to redesign it
. Powerful boundary scripts so in the moment you will know what to say
. How to manage "Boundary Destroyers"-including emotional manipulators, narcissists, and other toxic personalities
. Where you fall on the spectrum of codependency and how to create healthy, balanced relationships

This book is for women who are exhausted from over-giving, overdoing, and even over-feeling. If you''re getting it all done but at the expense of yourself, give yourself the gift of Boundary Boss.

Terri Cole, MSW, LCSW, is a licensed psychotherapist and global leading expert in female empowerment. For two decades, Terri has worked with some of the world''s most well-known personalities, from international pop stars to Fortune 500 CEOs. Terri has a gift for making complex psychological concepts accessible and then actionable, so ...
Titre :Boundary Boss: The Essential Guide To Talk True, Be Seen, And (finally) Live Free
Format :Couverture rigide
Dimensions de l'article :272 pages, 9.25 X 6.27 X 1.02 po
Dimensions à l'expédition :272 pages, 9.25 X 6.27 X 1.02 po
Publié le :20 avril 2021
Publié par :Sounds True
Langue :anglais
Convient aux âges :Tous les âges
ISBN - 13 :9781683647683

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