Employee Hotline

At Indigo, we have a strong and long-standing commitment to doing the right thing, and we have zero tolerance for unethical conduct.

We believe that we each play a role in protecting our employees and customers by maintaining the highest standards of integrity. Individually, we can uphold this commitment by reporting wrongdoing in our organization.

While you can raise your concern to any senior leader or HR partner, you can also use the Indigo Open Door reporting line, a secure, anonymous channel, to report your ​matter. The information you provide to Open ​Door will protect your confidentiality. Please continue to reach out to your leader or HR partner with any HR questions or ​for support ​(e.g.​, ​issues such as payroll, compensation or benefits, and health and safety inquiries).

We take all reports about ethics and compliance seriously and appreciate your courage in reporting.

To Report an Incident:

Call: 1 (888) 881-3177 (toll free)
Visit: www.integritycounts.ca/org/indigo