Investor Relations

Employee Hotlines

Indigo has three employee hotlines in place. To allow employees to comfortably report any concerns relating to employment, employees, management, administration, and financial reporting.

By providing three separate hotline employees are able to ensure that their concerns reach the individuals who can successfully help to resolve such issues and concerns effectively and efficiently.

HR Hotline
Available to allow employees to anonymously report any employee or employment related concerns such as harassment.

Loss Prevention Silent Witness Hotline
The Silent Witness Hotline allows employees to confidentially report all store related theft, harassment or vandalism issues.

Financial Reporting Issue Hotline
The Financial Reporting Issue Hotline provides employees with an anonymous means by which to report any accounting or financial reporting issues that they feel cannot be resolved by the Finance Team or Senior Management.

The Financial Reporting Issue Hotline is a direct line to an independent Indigo director, the Chair of Indigo's Audit Committee.